Use the Novobase HD 180 support panel to build a high efficiency roof.

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High-density polyisocyanurate insulation with a factory-laminated SBS underlayment membrane reinforced witha polyester core of 180 g/m2.


Install Novobase HD 180 support panels fully adhered with adhesive or bitumen or fasten them mechanically for an uncompromisingly waterproof seal. They are used in the design of many high-performance roof systems on numerous commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.The product comes in two versions, either with a film top or sand top surface adapted to the majority of modified bitumen roof systems.


Flat roofs and metal roofs with flutes pre-filled with our Novotherm™ insulation.

Technical informations

Dimensions and packaging

DimensionPanel thicknessMembrane thicknessSurfacePalletQuantity / pallet
914 mm x 2440 mm14,7 mm2,2 mm 2,23 m2 104 cm x 244 cm 65
[36” x 96”]0,58”87 mils 24 pi241 po x 96 po

Approved in assemblies that have been subjected to dynamic wind uplift resistance testing under the CSA A123.21-14 standard.


CharacteristicsUnitsMeets / ExceedsSpecificationTest methodStandard limits
Reinforcement Type----Polyester
Tensile Strength (MD/XD) [Membrane]kN/m (lbf/po)YESASTM D6164ASTM D51478.8/8.8 (50/50)
Ultimate Elongation (MD/XD) [Membrane]%YESASTM D6164ASTM D514738/38
Tear Strength (MD/XD) [Membrane]N (lbf)YESONGC-37-56-MONGC-37-56-M20/20 (4.5/4.5)²
Cold Flex [Membrane]°C (°F)YESASTM D6164ASTM D5147-18 (0)
R-Value/RSI (Initial) [Board]RSI (Btu•hr•pi2•°F)0.44 (2.5)CAN/ULC S704ASTM C518N/A
Compressive Strength [Board]kPa (psi)620 (90)CAN/ULC S704ASTM D1621N/A
Dimensional Stability @ 70°C (MD/XD) [Board]%YESCAN/ULC S704ASTM D2126±2/±2
Water Absorption [Board]%Vol.YESCAN/ULC S704ASTM C2093.5

² CGSB‑37.56‑M revision, 9th draft, dated January, 1997. The information on this sheet is based on data considered to be true and accurate based on periodic internal testing and production measurements at time of manufacture. The information is offered solely for the user’s consideration, investigation and verification. Nothing contained herein constitutes or represents a warranty or guarantee for which the manufacturer can be held legally responsible.

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