The Millenium freestanding guardrail system stands out for its great versatility. Custom configuration is possible according to your needs. Our standard dimensions, which are pre-approved by an engineer, allow for a safe and quick installation. In addition, all our systems comply with the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada and the standards of the various provincial codes for protection against falls from heights.

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  • Roof guardrail systems
  • Roof hatch guardrails
  • Protection for rooftop access ladders
  • Skylight guardrails


  • Fully modular system according to your needs
  • Height of 42 inches with a possibility to adjust to a lower or higher height
  • Standard railings of 9, 18 and 27 feet pre-approved by engineers
  • Durable and robust, requires no maintenance
  • White, natural aluminum or painted with the color of your choice
  • Bases take up little room on the roof
  • Possible installation in restricted areas
  • Non-penetrating system
  • Easy set up on all types of flat and low-sloped roofs

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