Type 1 fixed ladders are designed and manufactured to be installed with horizontal anchors on walls up to 9 M (29'-6") height. However, it is possible for Millenium to design ladders of more than 9 M (29'-6") in height by adding resting platforms at every 6 M (19'-6"). Type 2 fixed ladders are designed and manufactured to be installed with vertical anchors for walls up to 4.5 M (15') height. Both types of ladders can have an optional crinoline, a lockable safety door at the bottom and a vertical lifeline if required.

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In close collaboration with our engineers, our design team adapts the ladders to each installation to ensure compliance with the various standards in force. This process allows us to offer certified and highly safe ladders.


• Top platform for ease ascending and descending.
• Structural grade 6061-T6 aluminum construction according to ASTM B221.
• Natural aluminium colour requiring no maintenance.
• Solid non-slip rungs.
• Offers maximum protection against falls from height when completed with our freestanding guardrail system.


• National Building Code.
• CSA S-157 Strength design in aluminum.
• CSA W47.2 Welded aluminum construction.
• ANSI-ASC A14.3 – American national standard for ladders -Fixed
– Safety Requirements.
• Ministry of labour Ontario engineering data sheet 2-04.
• OH&S British Columbia part ladders, scaffolds and temporary work platforms.
• PIP standard stf05501 (Alberta) fixed ladders and cages design guide.
• OH&S Saskatewan section 255 fixed ladders.
• RROHS, Chapter S-2.1, r. 13, section 23, Permanents ladders

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